Benefits of NatureBuilt Wall Systems

Benefits to Occupant

  • Reduced Energy Bills by up to 50% due to R-35 insulation and the elimination of thermal bridges
  • Increased Comfort due to thermal mass of walls which helps regulate indoor temperatures
  • Increased Security from disasters such as fire and earthquakes
  • Quieter Indoor Environment due to excellent sound attenuation
  • VOC-free wall system leads to significantly improved indoor air quality
  • Satisfaction of using sustainable materials and creating no waste
  • Beautiful Designs can be achieved


Benefits to Builder

  • Cost Competitive with conventional construction
  • Faster Installation saves builders time and money
  • Build Year-Round with no weather delays for building exterior walls
  • Smaller HVAC is needed, reducing up-front costs
  • LEED® Points at no extra cost
  • 2012 Building Code Energy Requirements are met and exceeded using this wall system


Benefits to Society

  • Reduced Operating Energy to heat and cool buildings
  • Carbon Sequestration (agricultural fibre is normally burnt or left to decompose, releasing the carbon)
  • Reduced Embodied Energy (the energy that goes into the construction of walls)
  • Reduced Lumber Usage by up to 50% helps to reduce the burden on our forests
  • Negligible Construction Waste created in the production of walls
  • Additional Farm Revenue improves food security for Canada

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